This is a documentary video produced by the Family First, All Pro Dad Organization and narrated by Tony Dungy. It highlights the tremendous growth and development of the CHISD All Pro Dads.
Cedar Hill APD



Campus Chapter and Co Chapter Leaders

in 2014 All Pro dads started with a few members that has now grown to the largest chapter in the USA changing students lives one at a time
  • Operated a dads-only concession stand at CHHS home football games with fifteen to twenty All Pro Dads in attendance
  • Launched a basketball skills training program for 200 plus youngsters
  • Increased our apparel offering to include ladies t-shirts (still hoT sellers!)
  • Supported several community events such as the CHPD Youth Summit (75 high school students), Lake Ridge Charity
  • Golf Tournament, Trinity Baptist Church Youth Mentoring Program for CHISD (500 students)
  • Held our Annual Crawfish Fest serving over 350 local residents
  • Sponsored "All Mom's Night Out" where parents dropped off 100 to 150 students who were fed and entertained
  • Sponsored Thanksgiving and Christmas charity events for our Cedar Hill citizens where we fed thirteen families and Santa gave toys to over 100 children
  • Raised over $3,000 for scholarships for our 2017 graduating seniors
  • Raised over $2,000 for our "little angel" at Collegiate Prep who is fighting cancer