​Cedar Hill All Pro Dads



Campus Chapter and Co Chapter Leaders


In 2014 All Pro dads started with a few members that has now grown to the largest chapter in the USA changing students lives one at a time
  • Operated a dads-only concession stand at CHHS home football games with fifteen to twenty All Pro Dads in attendance
  • Increased our apparel offering to include ladies t-shirts, aprons
  • Echanced breakfast operations to serve more effeciently
  • Supported several community events such as the CHPD Youth Summit (75 high school students), Lake Ridge Charity Golf Tournament,
  • Held our Annual Crawfish Fest serving over 400 local residents
  • Sponsored "All Mom's Night Out" where parents dropped off 100 to 150 students who were fed and entertained
  • Sponsored Thanksgiving and Christmas charity events for our Cedar Hill citizens where we fed thirteen families and Santa gave toys to over 100 children
  • Raised over $4,000 for scholarships for our 2017 graduating seniors
  • Acquired two utility vehicles to support operations